Birthday Smiles

The Best Animated Birthday Grumpy Cat Memes!!!

Grumpy Cat has been one of the most popular internet sensations since she first came onto the scene in 2012. 

These memes range from saying happy birthday with a picture of a grumpy cat to meme pictures of cats not liking the taste of their cake or being disappointed about not getting what they wanted for their birthday.

These images should put a smile on your face no matter how grump you are!! 

Birthday Grumpy Cat Memes

Here are the best grumpy cat birthday meme ideas:

1: The time has come for me to start getting ready.

2: I’m so happy you came over!

3: It’s your birthday. Have fun while I study alone 🙁

4: Happy Birthday! No Such Thing! 

5: There’s no such thing as a happy birthday when you’re celebrating at work!

6: Have a “nice” birthday!

7: You are old for a human and for a cat. 

8: “Yes, my eyes do glow in the dark.”

The sun is shining brightly in the sky, and all of the birds are singing happily. You’ve just opened up your email inbox and there’s a notification from Facebook that one of your friends has posted on your timeline. Your heart starts racing as you scroll down to see what it is. Have you guessed it??? It’s the ever so delightful Grumpy Cat sent forth to wish you well on your special day! 

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