Birthday Smiles

Animated Daughter Birthday Memes

Check out these animated daughter birthday memes you can add to your favorite social or send via email. These will have your daughter in stitches no matter hold old she is. 

This is a popular meme showing the different heart states… resting heart, exercising heart and ‘my daughter having a birthday heart’

Daughter Birthday Memes

Our Top Daughter Birthday Meme Ideas

If you’re looking for more ideas. Try these on for size. These are a mix from above and some new ideas you can turn into a meme yourself. 

1) Happy Birthday to the best Daughter

2) Happy Birthday Honey. I feel so old.. boo hoo hoo

3) Have a happy birthday sweetheart

4) You’re everything I wished you would be

5) You are the greatest miracle ever!

6) To the most beautiful princess! 

7) Sparkle and shine it’s birthday time! 

8) I know u think I’m controlling. I read it in your diary!

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