Birthday Smiles

We have collated these awesome dad birthday memes to make your Dad’s day really special!

Birthday memes are a great way to celebrate the occasion of someone turning another year older, and Dads’ deserve only the best!  Whether you want to send them on Facebook or through email, there is always a meme that will get the job done!

Animated Happy Birthday Dad Memes

Happy Birthday Dad Memes

Here are some great dad birthday meme ideas for you to use!

1. You’re the best dad I’ve ever had!

2. Now that you’re an adult, here’s your cake!

3. Congratulations on finally growing up! Now I’m gonna get even more presents from you.

4. You made it to age ___! Congrats on the big milestone and have a great day!”

5. Wait, Wait, you’re that old!

6. Happy Birthday Dad from your special son! 

7. Believe me, no one wishes you a happy birthday more than me! 

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